The most successful companies today use strategy to meticulously uncover what customers want and how they can align themselves better with their customers. Innovideate is an online tool and guide designed to provide you with the knowledge to better your business.


Login, create a user profile and name your project.


Start the 8 module process and answer the questions in each section.


Answering Questions – Create your action points after each module questionnaire.

*Use the help guide to show you how to answer some of the questions.


All your data to the questions will be collected.

You can revise as many times as you like.


Add Other Users.  

*Invite other Stakeholders to contribute, amend and insert data.


Create your long format brand strategy as a PDF.

Create your Action List.  Implement your brand strategy into a PDF.

Final Step

Archive and file, Then invite stakeholders to join, view the strategy and access the PDF’s Securely.