Taoiseach Launches Empower Brand

Taoiseach Empowers new brand by CDG

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar launched the new brand “Empower” for the Fingal NGO formerly “Blanchardstown Area Partnership”. We were delighted to have created the new brand for the non-profit organisation which covers all of Fingal in Dublin county. Empower’s vision strives to ensure that all who live in Fingal are valued equally. The new brand replaces the existing entity BAP to form an innovative strategy and identity to the organisation. The strategy “Empower – Enabling Change” was developed through CDG brands Innovideate process which brings design thinking innovation to realise a brands full potential. From the strategic plan, CDG created the new identity and are currently rolling out the digital and offline media plans. It is a great compliment to see the Taoiseach launch the new brand and we thank him for his time and commitment to the event and we are delighted to be able to help Empower going forward.

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