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About Balance for Better Business

In the era of Time’s Up and #MeToo,  Balance for Better Business was set up to be an independent business-led Review Group established by the government to improve gender balance in senior leadership in Ireland.

The Review Group is looking after the gender mix within the governance and senior management of companies in Ireland and calling for a reform of the system to ensure that more women have a play on board level and senior leadership teams.The Review Group has set progressive targets to 2023 for the achievement of improved gender balance on the boards and senior management of these companies.


The Challenge

The challenge was to create a strong, bold and powerful brand that represents the review group’s aspirations. Creating an equal playing field for everyone and allowing companies to reap the benefits of having board members with diverse skill sets, experiences and different viewpoints within the decision making of the company is the ultimate goal. CDG took on the challenge to build a brand that would represent not just the review group, but also everyone that has the same beliefs and fights for the same objectives.


Our Solution

CDG recognised that Balance for Better Business’ primary desire was to amplify women’s voices with a call for balance. Using this as inspiration, CDG created a new brand, Balance for Better Business, which focuses on getting the balance of genders in board and senior management companies.

The new identity builds on this by focusing on the why; asking the question, “why are we doing this?”, then answering the question with the simple idea – Balance is Better for Business. The new logo is bold, unique and a powerful statement, showcasing the group’s positioning as the catalyst for debate on female representation on Ireland. A balance of genders on boards and senior management companies is what the brand strives, works, and lives for overall.

In order to extend the Group’s online presence, CDG designed a modern, adaptive and user-friendly website. We wanted to deliver an open and informative website that, through the analysis and statistics, show the Group’s ideas and ambitions. So, we made it easy for users to visualise the information.


Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Corporate Identity & livery
  • Photography Sourcing
  • Brand Collateral
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Web Design & Development
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing