2018 / 19

About Empower

Empower is the local development company for Fingal. Empower is responsible for a range of government funded programmes to meet the needs of individuals, families and community groups. Empower is capable of enabling positive change by offering leadership, partnership and innovation to individuals and communities across Fingal by responding to unemployment and social exclusionthrough relevant and appropriate programmes and services. Empower also empowers the voices and actions of marginalised people and groups by coordinating and delivering innovative social inclusion initiatives through improving the quality of life of those we serve through brave advocacy and anti-poverty measures. Empower is also able to lead, facilitate and coordinate the anti-poverty and social inclusion strategies across Fingal.


The Challenge

CDG was given the task of designing a new icon mark and corporate brand identity along with digital marketing collateral to roll out throughout the company. Our main challenge was to create a contemporary image and new NAME that would empathise with their core target audiences. The revitalised Brand Identity would fit with a new website that would be easy to use and visually pleasing while accommodating all the browsers needs. Brochure collateral and all other marketing would also be changed appropriately.


Our Solution

CDG worked with BAP from Brand Strategy using our Innovideate process right through to finished artwork for brochures and all marketing collateral. Our approach was to align the brand with BAP which now embodies Empowers mission and values. Once we identified the core persona, CDG quickly evaluated what the brand voice and message should be. Resonating these values, and through our workshops, we discovered the new brand name “Empower” then aligned current core colours and geometrics to evoke the connection and work that Empower servesin their brand values. The new brand identity was formed and a set of brand guidelines were developed to align all sectors of the company and different regions more effectively. A new corporate website was required to reflect the new brand message and it would replace the large portal website of With CDG heading up the brand strategy, the roll out was smooth and effective, so that the messages were not confused. The fulfilment of the whole brand management and roll out ended with the brand launch in Empower’s offices by the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, organised through the main stakeholders and CDG.


Services Supplied

  • Research & Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Illustration & Graphics
  • Photography & Video
  • Website, UI, UX Development
  • Collateral
  • All marketing materia