Gallagher Kitchens

2018 / 19

About Gallagher

For over 25 years, Gallagher Kitchens has provided a quality service for customers through high values of commitment, honesty and purpose in their work. Gallagher’s creates kitchens and wardrobes to meet customers’ needs in perfection.  The family run business has helped customers achieve their dream kitchens by listening to their needs every step of the way from planning the project to providing them the end product. Established in 1991 in the Lucan area and recently opening a new showroom in the Clondalkin area, Gallagher Kitchens has a strong dedicated team of loyal sales staff, designers, cabinet makers and craftsmen.


The Challenge

CDG was given the task of designing a new corporate brand identity and digital marketing platform. Our goal while working with Gallagher was to translate their values of hard work and tradition while showing an image that will attract their main audience. Our main challenge was to create a contemporary image that would empathise with the core target audiences (females predominantly) while accommodating the company’s stakeholders, which consisted of two generations, the mother and father who are the funders and the sons. For the website, our goal was to make it very visually pleasing, as well as interactive and more engaging for users.


Our Solution

Brand – To give Gallagher Kitchens the best solution possible, CDG started by studying who their customers really are and why they would choose one kitchen company over another. From this research, our solution was to rethink the company’s image by trying to satisfy both the company and the audience. For CDG, the idea was to give the company an end product that shows quality and modernity at the same time. With that idea in mind, CDG started with the logo design. We drew inspiration from the former Gallagher Kitchens’ logo to keep the Heraldic Coat of Arms influence, but also tried to contemporise it. We chose a more modern color combination and logo motif while drawing upon rich colors to complement the new image.

Digital – CDG created a new RWD website using a custom theme and unique design.The site colours are used to differentiate core content and call to actions, making it easier for customers to read and to interact with the site. It is now smartphone and tablet friendly.


Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Web Design & Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Vans, Indoor & Outdoor Signage